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KRFC and noosa yoghurt support the artists in our community who make it rich with culture. This week, we feature Boulder-based sculptor, Adam Junior.

The house is a theme that Adam continuously explores — as as structure as well as a place of sentimentality and memories. Growing up on New York’s Long Island, Adam saw row after row after row of houses—many of them the same, from an architectural standpoint. For Adam, though, it is what is inside the structure that makes each home unique. It is the well-loved mementos and keepsakes that evoke a family’s history that create place.

His exhibition, entitled Keepsakes, can be seen at the Fort Collins Museum of Art. It showcases thousands of tiny houses, each one cast individually from cement. The viewer towers over the houses, observing the patterns they create, much like the patterns created by city planners as they plat ever growing neighborhoods. But what is inside? What are the secrets, the traditions, and the memories that make them homes instead of houses?