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This week KRFC and Noosa Yoghurt feature Chris Bates of Mighty Fine Art. A founding board member of Art Lab, Chris’ murals dot the Fort Collins and Loveland landscapes. Look for some of his work on the side of Beaver’s Market and along Tinney Alley, at Lesher Middle School, inside Hodi’s Halfnote, Big City Burrito and at the United Methodist Church in Loveland. He’s painted quite a few transformer boxes and pianos, which can be seen throughout Fort Collins. In fact, Chris painted the transformer box outside the currently-being-renovated KRFC studios at the Fort Collins Music District!

Aside from his large scale work, Chris creates highly detailed portraits that tell stories in the fine, detailed pen and ink work. Called Finetoon Portraits, each one is crafted after Chris interviews the subjects and loved ones about significant events and special memories. These are then incorporated into the portrait, making each artwork a visual treasure hunt, recording heartfelt moments forever.