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Clint Eccher’s paintings are a visual and philosophical representation of the artist. More comfortable with imperfection, Clint’s paintings incorporate both roughness and smoothness, which he considered to be the true nature of life.

“This true nature … knows that smoothness makes up the core of what it is just as much as the roughness,” says Clint. “It is this combination of both ends of the spectrum, as well as the grey between, that speaks to the truth of life, which is – life is rarely ever purely difficult or easy, rough or smooth, confusing or simple. Instead, it is the combination of the variables and transition from one to another that create authentic beauty.”

For the past year, Clint has been developing a tiered painting technique, which incorporates two distinct images that work in harmony with one another. The visible image hides the secret image hidden beneath it, which is only revealed when light shines through the canvas. The new collection can be seen at an exhibition opening Saturday, December 5th at Old Town Art & Framery.


Tiered paintings in transition
Tiered paintings in transition