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Guest: Blythe LaGasse

Side A: The Story, 11/27/2019 at 6pm

Many guests on The Flipside talk about the emotional, spiritual, and physical effect music can have on us. This week on Side A of the Flipside, CSU’s Dr. Blythe LaGasse, neuroscientist and music therapist, joins Michael to talk about the healing power of music. As a research scientist, Blythe has presented at many conferences including workshops in China, Japan, and South Korea. As a clinician, she has seen first hand how music has the power to make a difference in those coping with autism, emotional/behavioral disorder, and developmental disabilities. Of course, we’ll also find out about her own music history, including how she spent summers following Phish and Further Fest, her love of the flute (and Jethro Tull), and what it’s like jamming with her 3-year-old. So tune in to KRFC FM Radio Fort Collins this Wednesday, November 27th at 6pm for an enlightening and revealing chat with Dr. Blythe LaGasse!