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Guest: Dani Grant

Side A: The Story, 11/13/2019 at 6pm

Be sure to tune in to Side A of The FlipSide this week as Dani Grant, owner of two of the most iconic music venues in Colorado, joins Michael for a wide-ranging, lively conversation. You’ll hear how she wound up rescuing the storied Mishawaka Amphitheatre and breathed new life into downtown Fort Collins’ Aggie Theatre! You may know the story of the Mish and the Aggie, but you’ll also find out about how success in the music venue business starts with a clean bathroom, her revelatory Spring Break experience as a singer in a San Francisco recording studio, and how she segued from mental health worker to real estate to music impresario! And of course we’ll find out all about the music she loves as we get to know the Flipside of Dani Grant!