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The FlipSide Encore 

Side A: The Story, 01/01/2020 at 6pm

Guest: Brian Dunbar, Institute for the Built Environment: Executive Director

Originally Aired: 10/17/2018 


Join Michael this week on Side A of The FlipSide as he welcomes professor Brian Dunbar, executive director of the Institute for the Built Environment (IBE). Through the IBE, Brian has worked to foster sustainable, green practices in projects ranging from large-scale buildings and public spaces to neighborhoods and homes. Sure, he has guided project work and facilitated design charrettes for the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, American Institute of Architects, numerous cities and school districts, and the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office – but did you know he knows all the words to the theme from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood? Hear about the day he spent hanging out with Rosanne Cash, why he thinks we should all keep an updated list of our favorite songs, and why it can be dangerous to butt-dial someone while you’re in your car! All that and much, much more as we get to know The FlipSide of Brian Dunbar!