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The FlipSide 

Guest: David Merritt

Side A: The Story, 08/21/2019 at 6pm


Michael’s guest this week on Side A of The Flipside is riparian plant ecologist Dr. David Merritt. Dave is a staff scientist for the Rocky Mountain Area National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center based right here in Fort Collins – but that’s just his day job! A life-long musician (he plays percussion and drums), he has a full-blown home recording studio and has recorded everything from screamo to jazz bands! 

Yes, he’s authored scientific papers with titles like “Shifting dominance of riparian Populus and Tamarix along gradients of flow alteration in western North American rivers”, but did you know that Providence once tried to prevent him from seeing Ozzy Osbourne, that he’s seen Hot Tuna at least 20 times, or that he has given rivers a musical voice? – that’s right, rivers!  Be sure to join Michael and Dave for a fascinating conversation and get to know the Flipside of local ecologist David Merritt.   

Don’t forget, the following week on Side B we’ll get to hear a full hour of music from Dave’s playlist!