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The FlipSide 

Guest: Jeff Lebesch

Side A: The Story, 09/18/2019 at 6pm


If you’ve ever had a Fat Tire or enjoyed the Tout de Fat, you have Michael’s guest this week on Side A to thank. Jeff Lebesch, founder of New Belgium Brewery, joins Michael for a wide-ranging conversation – sure they’ll touch on how he founded what was to become one of the largest and most successful craft breweries in the country, but you’ll also get to hear his experiences with rally racing, sailing, dealing with celebrity, and the banjo. They’ll also discuss the nature of epiphanies (that’s right epiphanies!), and why sometimes just saying, “OK” can change the direction of your life!  Oh, and of course we’ll find out about his tastes in music as well!   

So join Michael on Wednesday, September 18th at 6pm for Side A and discover the surprising FlipSide of Jeff Lebesch!