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The FlipSide 

Guest: Matt Haines

Side A: The Story, 10/30/2019 at 6pm 

Matt Haines is currently Vice President of Cloud and Systems Management at Cray, Inc. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from CSU, an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from CU, and 13 patents for software design, he describes himself as “a lifelong software hack, a lean software and cloud evangelist”. This week on Side A of The FlipSide, Matt joins Michael and discusses everything from exascale computing (a quintillion operations per second!) to how he helped save a life (and nearly lost his) in an armed robbery!  Of course they’ll talk about music as well, including how he managed to routinely get the best seats for acts like The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, the Police, and Queen to name a few. Along the way we’ll also hear about the Plimsouls, the Clash, Hothouse Flowers, and even Taylor Swift!  

So join Michael on Wednesday, October 30th at 6pm for Side A and discover the FlipSide of Matt Haines!