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The FlipSide

Guest: Carla Gamboa

Side B: The Story, 12/18/2019 at 6pm


You’re in for quite a different musical perspective this week on Side A of the Flipside as Michael is joined by one of KRFC’s own, Carla Gamboa.  Among other duties at KRFC, Carla is responsible for keeping all the podcasts and archives of shows like The FlipSide up to date on KRFC’s website. She also holds two MBA’s (that’s right – two!) and was the marketing director for Twentieth Century Fox for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. A certified yoga instructor and Reiki master, she is also a graphic designer, painter, and experienced rock climber. If you’ve ever enjoyed the pianos that dot downtown Fort Collins, chances are you’ve seen some of Carla’s artwork! Oh, and she really loves music too! Originally from Mexico City, Carla has quite an eclectic taste in music and introduces us to some of her favorite bands from Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. We’ll even find out what cumbia music is and why it’s one of her guilty pleasures! So join Michael and Carla and explore what may be new musical territory for you!