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The FlipSide VIP Playlist,Side A – The Interview

Wednesday, July 25thfrom 6-7pm

Guest: Paul Bassis, Arise Festival Co-Founder

Now in its sixth year, the Arise Music Festival is an independent, leave-no-trace, family-friendly (and family-run) three-day event that draws upwards of 10,000 participants just down the road at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland.  Co-founder Paul Bassis joins host Michael Spearnak Wednesday, July 25thfrom 6-7pm on Side A of The FlipSide VIP Playlist to chat about (among many other things) the festival, music, activism, his stint as a comedian, his life in the entertainment industry, and what great advice he once got about name-dropping (from Woody Harrelson!). Along the way, you’ll get to hear some of the music he loves that will inspire you to get off your feet and dance or join a protest!