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The FlipSide VIP Playlist, Side A: The Interview

Climate scientist Scott Denning joins host Michael Spearnak on the next FlipSide. Scott is a professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University – or, as Scott puts it, he “studies the air”.  Far from the stereotype of the dry, didactic scientist, Scott is witty, engaging, and a lot of fun! (Check him out on YouTube!) As an internationally recognized climate scientist, he has argued that, if no action is taken on the matter, global warming could cause the climate of Colorado to resemble the current climate of its neighbors to the south, such as southern New Mexico and Texas. But before it gets too hot, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know another side of Scott through the music he loves! His quite eclectic musical tastes run from jazz fusion to the Grateful Dead, Zappa to Streisand! So tune in Wednesday, October 3rd from 6-7pm and get to know the FlipSide of CSU’s professor Scott Denning!