The FlipSide VIP Playlist Side B - Libby James 8/15/2018 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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The FlipSide VIP Playlist, Side B – The Playlist

If you missed last week’s interview with the delightful Libby James on Side A of the FlipSide, you still have a chance to get to know her through the music she enjoys this week on Side B of the FlipSide.  At just north of eighty, not only is she the fastest woman her age in the world, Fort Collins resident Libby James is also a prolific writer, self-taught artist, and loves music! Join Michael on Side B this coming Wednesday, August 15th from 6-7pm, as he plays some great music that will have you humming, whistling, and, yes Libby, perhaps even singing your way through the day!

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