It’s time to go Beyond the Basics.
For several years our community classes have focused on introducing the world of herbalism to those new to the craft. However, the time has come to step beyond the beginning and into a slightly deeper spectrum.
This class is a continuation of our series on the Energetics of Herbalism. Herbal Energetics are one of the foundational principles of understanding and working with herbs, and give insight to how herbs are different than conventional medicine. In order to grasp how herbs work in the body, having a foundational comprehension of herbal energetics is key.
If you are someone who has been using herbs for a little while and are ready to deepen your body of knowledge, or looking for a refresher class this is the series for you!
While this class series will not build upon itself, meaning you don’t need to take the one before it in order to take the one currently being offered, it is part of a complete body of knowledge.
Taught by Staff Botanical Herbalist and director of the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies (ECOHS) Laura Cascardi
Cost $10
Class size is limited to 16, you must pre-register to hold your spot: