13 Nails

13Nails was born in 2012 when Johnny Lambert got together with Grey Jones and Josh Messner, two musicians he had previously worked with in other bands. Wanting to create something new and interesting to watch and hear, Johnny started using his love of horror movies to create stories for the music Josh and Grey would write. Adding in the drums of Kyle Nelson the band finished a song called “From Hell” a Jack the Ripper inspired song. When that song came together they knew they had something epic for the people. Other songs shortly followed behind of similar concepts. When 13Nails decided to take the stage they wanted to bring the audience a show that people would remember. Adding in elements of classic horror vibe and look, the band developed its stage persona. In later 2013 Kyle wanted to leave the band to pursue other interests and 13Nails enlisted the talented drumming of Joe Dunn. With its complete lineup, strong stage presence and haunting songs 13Nails is quickly becoming the band to go see. Horror has got its new sound and it’s 13Nails!

“13Nails is one of those bands who cannot be described in one word or one genre. On the surface is a perfectly executed hardcore punk style, but when you peel back the layers of their music, you can find something much darker and more sinister lurking. Whether it be their brooding guitar chord progressions, their coffin rattling bass lines or the haunting imagery of their lyrics, you are sure to have your horror fetish satisfied!”
-Alexei Hammerle – Swinging Noose Productions

“13Nails are insane and know how to interact with their crowd and are for sure the band people go home remembering”
-Joe Dowling- Even Death May Die

“13Nails is one of my favorite bands to see live! They bring so much originality and passion to the stage, they just make you want to party”
-Meredith Siss- Fan

“Nobody makes the dead girls party harder”
“A proper introduction to the four people you’ll likely meet in Hell”
-Nick Hays- Tenative


Los Angeles based hard rock band VYCES started in the summer of 2014 when Chicago native Dave Naruszewicz was looking to work on a new project following the disbandment of his former group Heart-Set Self-Destruct. After years of touring with such bands as Filter, Hell Yeah, Volbeat, Pop Evil, etc.., he realized it was time for change. He spent time working with other musicians in the Chicago music scene looking to feed his passion as an artist but he did not find what he was looking for. Dave’s vision was not deterred, so he decided to reach out to longtime friend and drummer, Russell Ray (formerly of Old Fashioned Beatdown).

Dave began flying to Los Angeles from Chicago twice a month to build something new, original, and undeniable. Russ then reached out to guitarist, Shawn Patterson (also formerly for Old Fashioned Beatdown). The three began writing demos together and also sending ideas back and forth over the internet which ultimately became the foundation of VYCES.

After a few trips to LA they decided to go into the studio with producer Augustus Cryns (Butcher Babies, Stitched Up Heart, etc..), and also featured Mark James Klepaski (Formerly of Breaking Benjamin, and Lifer) on bass. After a year of writing and recording the band had finished 22 songs of true emotion, and power. Being compared to such artists as Chevelle, Korn, and Red, they have sonically created a solid blend of active rock and metal. Dave describes the soul of the songs as exploring the darker side of human emotion and behavior saying “It’s something everyone can relate to because everyone has experienced some form of hurt, betrayal, weakness, hate, addiction, and/or lack of acceptance. It’s also the fuel that drives us to become stronger, get better, and overcome the flaws we’ve built in our minds.”

In October 2016 VYCES released their debut EP “DEVILS” and released a music video for the single “DEVIL” shot by Ron Underwood. From October through November of that year the band embarked on a the HELLRZZR TOUR which trekked across the U.S performing in 29 cities in 33 days.

VYCES spent the beginning of 2017 working on new material in between hitting the road on three national tours playing shows with Otherwise, Powerman 5000, etc.. In June 2017, the band released it’s first radio single titled “NOCTURNAL” accompanied by another music video shot by Ron Underwood, and features Butcher Babies own Carla Harvey. ‘Nocturnal’ reached #38 on the Mediabase Active Rock Charts making it their first top 40 single.

VYCES is currently preparing for 2018 with the release of their highly anticipated new single, ‘THIN LUCK’ which impacts national radio on 02/06/18 and will be on tour all year long.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Hailing from the colorful and music inspired streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique blend of Metal/Rock/Industrial that is Gabriel And The Apocalypse. The band delivers a fierce yet beautiful array of female fronted aggression that will give their predecessors a run for their money.

The brainchild of vocalist Lindy Gabriel, Gabriel And The Apocalypse independently put out 2 releases which were backed by numerous national support tours around the United States. Their intense and and professional style videos also paved the way for the group to become an underground sensation.

It was this self produced success that led GATA to ink a deal with Pavement Entertainment to which they immediately began work on their new album “The Ghost Parade”. This new release (available October 7, 2016) is sure to propel the band to new heights with major worldwide distribution and exposure. To kick off the album’s release GATA will tour with horror rock favorite Wednesday 13 throughout the month of October. The group plans on a heavy and extensive touring cycle to follow.

According to Lindy, “The Ghost Parade” is a concept record that brings you on a music roller coaster ride. From in your face songs like “March of the Dolls” to stripped down emotional songs like” Behind the Sun”, this record still maintains a taste of the usual GATA anthems on politics and world issues but as a whole it is more personal. I feel as a writer and lyricist it is more abstract & poetic. I feel more exposed and vulnerable. It’s honest. It flows and twists through different waves and moods from beginning to end.

Creative, Original, Visual, Artistic, Strong……the definition of GABRIEL AND THE APOCALYPSE

The new album “The Ghost Parade” coming October 7, 2016. Featuring the new singles and videos “Beauty Under Glass”, “Until We Dream” and “Thrill Of The Kill”.

New World Disaster (2011)
Everything Is Red “EP” (2014)
The Ghost Parade (2016)

Align The Tide

Fast-Emerging Nu Metal hailing from Malta – Est. 2015
Align the tide was formed back in September of 2015, through the experimentation with a number of different potential members, styles and influences, resulting in the unique nu-metal sound you hear today.
Danny & Kyle have been working together in music for around 9 years, experimenting in different styles of music until they managed to find a suitable style for their tastes. As the journey progressed, looking for the perfect line-up, the duo have succeeded in finding two other members who both had the same aspirations as Danny & Kyle, to make Align The Tide a recognised worldwide name, to make music their life, to succeed.
From that point on, Align The Tide’s compositions crossed the genres of thrash, groove & melodic metal, each member’s musical background influencing the bands sound in their own way.
Align The Tide aims to grow better and more creative with each & every song they write and work hard to spread the word of the band’s music all around the globe, and in recent months have signed a deal with worldwide agency Metal Music Bookings & Management, stay tuned for news on releases and tour dates coming soon!