Matt Ulery: Become Giant (2017)
Pēteris Vasks: String Quartet No. 3 (1995)
Matt Ulery: Hubble (2017)
Additional Jazz work to be announced from the stage.

Program Description:
Become Giant – I spent time finding Become Giant January through June in 2017 soon after it was commissioned by Nathan Cole (first associate concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic) and the Chamber Music Festival of Lexington to feature my long-time friend and collaborator, Zach Brock, as violin soloist with string quartet.  This is dynamic, adventure music. Often romantic, you might say “cinematic” chamber music fantasy score in eleven levels that features the jazz violin as both a unique stylistic interpreter and improvising soloist. There are scenes of music that feature the ensemble in lush orchestral moments, and at other times feature the jazz violin, weaving through composed parts and improvising with string quartet + drums and bass, creating resounding grooves rooted in modern jazz and folk rhythms.  — Matt Ulery

Hubble – Not originally written for string quartet and jazz trio, Hubble, was adapted for this configuration at the suggestion of jazz violinist and Triptych member, Zach Brock.  Among many other recordings of mine, Zach is featured on my recent album, “Festival,” (2016) in a version of Hubble with a 23-piece big band + strings and thought is would be stirring to re-imagine it for this band of six strings + drums.

Miami String Quartet: Benny Kim, violin I; Cathy Meng Robinson, violin II; Scott Lee, viola; Keith Robinson, cello
Triptych Jazz Trio: Zach Brock, jazz violin; Matt Ulery, bass; Jon Deitemyer, drums
Ticket includes food and wine reception.