A solo piano recital featuring “one of the leading figures in the current renaissance of performer-composers” (The New York Time), pianist Michael Brown. Join us for this compelling evening as we explore two worlds, one inspired by a folk and fantasy world, and the other being a centenary tribute to American icon Leonard Bernstein. Program includes works by Haydn, Medtner, Brown, Copland and Bernstein. Tickets include gourmet food and wine reception.

Program description:

Haydn’s Fantasia in C Major “Capriccio” is a delightful, witty, and effervescent piece perfect for the summer. It is one-movement work based on the Austrian folk song Do Bäuren hat d’Katz valor’n, “The farmer’s wife has lost her cat.”

In contrast to the ebullient Haydn, Russian composer-pianist Nikolai Medtner’s fascinating Second Improvisation veers towards a darker and more brooding world. Medtner was one of the most gifted composer-pianists in the first half of the 20th century, as well as a close friend of Rachmaninoff. His Second Improvisation is a masterful set of harmonically complex variations, which depicts a fairy tale world of birds, elves, gnomes, goblins, and mermaids.

As a pianist and a composer himself, Brown has been tremendously influenced by the works of Leonard Bernstein. “To celebrate his centenary, I wrote a short piece called 100 Chords for Bernstein, in the style of one of his Anniversaries. Following that, I’ll play Leo Smit’s arrangement of four movements from Bernstein’s West Side Story, and Bernstein’s arrangement of his close friend Aaron Copland’s El Salón México.” (Michael Brown)

Franz J. Haydn: Fantasia in C Major
Nikolai Medtner:
Theme: Mermaid’s Song
Var. 1: Charms
Var. 2: Caprice
Var. 3: Fancies
Var. 4: The Feathered Ones
Var. 5: In the Stream
Var. 6: The Tumult of the crowd
Var. 7: In the Woods
Var. 8: A Wood-Goblin
Var. 9: Elves
Var. 10: Gnomes
Var. 11: Dark Incantation
Var. 12: Mermaid’s Song
Var. 13: Bad Weather
Michael Brown: Chords for Bernstein (2017)
Leonard Bernstein/arr. Leo Smit: West Side Story suite (1957)
Aaron Copland/arr. Leonard Bernstein: El Salón México (1943)