Ome: Tales From A Vanishing Homeland

80 mins / Rated NR / Documentary

Filmed in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon in the Yasuni biosphere, “OME: Tales From a Vanishing Homeland” offers incredible access to the unique and ancient way of life of the Huaorani, one of Ecuador’s most isolated indigenous groups. OME explores the intricacies of the Huaorani way of life, highlighting their connection to land and family, while raising questions about their future survival as oil companies encroach upon Ome, their homeland. OME has won multiple awards and was funded by the Princess Grace Foundation-USA and the Hispanic Scholarship fund.

Director’s statement:

The film is told entirely from the perspective of our main indigenous Huaorani protagonists. This documentary style in which community members are empowered to tell their own story deviates from the style used by most documentaries and media reports about the area, which are driven by the testimonies of biologists, environmentalists, academics, public officials, and American attorneys. This film however, depicts the Huaorani as experts in charge of their own story, as they use modern computers and gps devices in the fight to protect their homeland.

OME is an observational film that calls for action to all of us who stand to inherit the issue of rainforest deforestation and the question of survival not only of the rainforest, but of those who call it home.