Poolside At The Flamingo

Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band from Longmont, USA.

Unearnest Apologies

From Longmont Colorado, UnEarnest Apologies was a Solo Project made by Nathan Lee in 2010. In 2011, Ethan Manis joined the project for a short period of time, leaving the band to pursue other career interests shortly after the physical release of their first physical album “Insincerely” in 2012. Nathan worked and released a physical second album “Art of Reality” in 2015, and members Nathan Haakenson joined the band on Bass Guitar, and Max Carter on drums. UnEarnest Apologies’s sound is nothing short of Metal, with harsh syncopating breakdowns, fast paced thrash licks, and Djent Rhythms, mixed with a sound of beauty within the music, bringing elements of classical, orchestral, and tear wrenching melodies, intriguing even those who even may not have had an interest in Metal before. The Band’s albums have been released digitally (Itunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3) and plan on releasing some new singles within the next year, as well as playing consistant shows within the denver, boulder, and fort collins areas.
A Vintage Future
Your mind turns inside out as complex rhythms and powerful melodies cascade through your ear canal, taking you to a place where time becomes irrelevant and space consists of your own transcending plane of existence.

The music carries you through a nirvana of texture and seamless transitions, this is something new and old. A pop band from the future refined by the past. This is…

A Flood Foretold