KRFC Guest Interview and Performance Waiver and Agreement


Because KRFC is concerned about maintaining a good relationship with the community of Fort Collins and the Federal Communications Commission, we are asking for all on-air guests to be aware of certain rules and regulations. Please carefully read over this fact sheet and sign below.

Thank you for being a guest on KRFC. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are live on the KRFC radio waves:

  1. Please refrain from saying any obscene, cursive, indecent, derogatory, or discriminatory material on the KRFC radio waves. It is against FCC regulations and KRFC can get fined for this action.
  2. Words such as Fuck, Shit, Piss, Mother Fucker, Cocksucker, Cunt, Tits, Dick, Pussy, Asshole, etc. are considered obscene and can never be used on air.
  3. If you do slip something by, please quickly apologize to the listeners and move on.
Promoting a Venue or Concert
  1. Promoting your concert or event is okay but be cautious about the way that you do it. Don’t mention the price of tickets or the address. Be value neutral. Let the active DJ know if you have tickets to give away before you go live.
Drug Lyrics and Promotions
  1. When interviewing or performing, do not tell people to use drugs. That is a violation of our community standards and a potential FCC Violation. You may talk about drug use or drugs.

As an on-air guest, I understand and agree to refrain from mentioning any of the things listed above while I am allowed to speak on the air at KRFC. I also understand that I am being recorded and that recording may be used on multiple platforms throughout KRFC and its partnering organizations.

By signing this document, I allow KRFC the right to use my likeness, image, voice, and appearance royalty-free and give the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, and sell in any way KRFC wishes in any form, for programming, fundraising and promotional efforts, including but not limited to: future broadcasts, compilation albums, and podcasting. I waive any payment that might otherwise be due from KRFC for such use, including mechanical license rights. This shall not affect any royalties paid to Artist by a performance rights licensing agency. I confirm that I have the right to enter this agreement and that by signing I am not restricted by any other agreements.