Be Heard

 KRFC has always loved music. We have a wide variety of music offerings that provide the soundtrack for Fort  Collins and Northern Colorado.

 But as we plan out our purpose and intent in the future, we have to think about how we are going to best impact our community.

 What we want to do is be all about you.

 We want to tell your stories, play your favorite music, and keep you engaged with what is going on in the surrounding area.

 Fort Collins and Northern Colorado have tons of amazing events bringing people together. We want to share those stories and events with the larger community.

A Platform For Voices of the Community

KRFC wants to be the premier resource and tool to share a variety of content.

From live-streaming events over our airwaves to recording activities in the community to creating new public affairs or music programming, we are here to serve you. We want to empower individuals to be part of something larger. To share our experiences and create a unique bond and shared experience unlike any other radio station has before.

Your donation will contribute to us sharing information that is important to you.

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