KRFC is proud to be the only public radio station located right here in Fort Collins.  For fourteen years KRFC has been a big part of making Fort Collins a Great Place to call home. We are happy to back where it all began in our newly renovated home in the Music District. 

While we have moved and are broadcasting from our new space, we still have a long way to go to finish building out our studios.

Why we need a “Community of Partners” to come together now

Did you know that one-third of KRFC’s operating budget comes from federal funding? In fact, the grant we receive from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is our single largest source of funding. The budget priorities released by the White House propose eliminating public media funding which would include the funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. With an uncertain future for CPB coming so close on the on the heels of our studio and equipment upgrades –the station’s largest capital expenditure to date- KRFC finds itself in a precarious position.

Almost thirty percent of KRFC’s funding is on the chopping block.

Now, more than ever, we need the support of our listeners to keep community radio in Fort Collins alive and well. KRFC’s 2017 Spring  Membership Drive will be running through next week and we are in urgent need of leadership gifts to challenge our community to raise the nearly $100,000.00 in needed operating capital to make up for an anticipated shortfall in 2017.While it’s possible that CPB will not get cut completely or at all, we can’t depend on the government to continue to support community radio.

When you tune into KRFC, you hear members of your community, talking to you, spinning music for you, but you can also hear a little bit of yourself. There is no separation between our audience and our content. Every day we focus on the local voices and local music you can only find right here in Fort Collins. Local music needs KRFC. The arts need KRFC. The community needs KRFC.

And KRFC needs YOU.

Now, more than ever, we need the support of leaders in our community to spur the grassroots giving that has been the cornerstone of KRFC.  Leadership support is vital to sustaining this community radio station. Please contact the station if you would like more information about leadership giving or would like to offer a Community Challenge Grant.

On behalf of the volunteers and staff of KRFC, I thank you for your continued support.


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MyKRFCwithimageWhat is the MyKRFC campaign?

A capital campaign, by definition, is an intense effort on the part of a non-profit organization to raise significant amount of money in a specified period of time. The money raised is usually intended to fund the acquisition or renovation of a building or building an endowment. I some cases, campaigns are initiated to fund extraordinary expenditures of a capital nature, such as an expensive piece of equipment for a hospital or a new fire truck for a fire company.

In the case of our campaign, KRFC is focused on all three scenarios: building renovation of our physical space, extraordinary expenditures for improved equipment and establishing an endowment for our future. People may be concerned about the effort required and disruption caused by a successful capital campaign. Campaigns do tend to disrupt an organization’s routine. The entire organization may feel the strain of the extra effort required for a year, two years or more, depending on the size of the campaign.

However, campaigns offer several great benefits which, for many organizations, offset the work involved. Some of these benefits include:

  • Raising the money to fund a one-time need for the organization – in most cases having a building that meets the needs of the community served by the organization.
  • Strengthening the organization’s infrastructure – working on a campaign requires that the organization evaluate its readiness for a campaign, and subsequently build an infrastructure to run a campaign including staffing, board commitment, software to manage the campaign, gift acceptance polices, etc.  This stronger infrastructure will leave the organization in a much better position to do ongoing fundraising.
  • Volunteer involvement — most campaigns are very volunteer intensive often involving hundreds of volunteers in the organization’s vision. A good campaign organization will include a post-campaign plan for retaining the involvement of volunteers.
  • Increased public awareness — during a campaign, there will be great deal of publicity and cultivation efforts to help raise awareness of the organization in the community. These efforts, like a strengthened infrastructure, will help the organization’s future fundraising efforts.

 Why is KRFC doing a capital campaign?

We are doing a formal campaign to address our much-needed improvements. This campaign gives us to a reason communicate the station’s needs. It gives every listener, sponsor/ underwriter and volunteer the opportunity to participate in the future of the station and help KRFC advance to new levels of broadcast delivery: expanded programming, a better quality signal, potential listener radius growth, more community collaboration with flexible broadcast and recording space and so much more.

The BIG Picture- How much do you need?
• Phase I concentrates on the redesign of the station’s space creating a community center for Fort Collins citizens to make great radio and equipment upgrades that will improve broadcast quality and recording capabilities in the KRFC studios. Total investment: $303,142.40

• Phase II facilitates tower and transmitter upgrades designed to create a stronger signal in our existing listening Fort Collins radius and enable KRFC to expand our potential audience reach by more than 25%. Total investment: $102,060.00

• Phase III is the final step is crucial in securing KRFC’s future success by building the stations capacity to provide services through staffing and project coordination including the addition of an established local news department and real time information web integration. Total anticipated investment: $95,000.00

 slide 14 (14)What happens if you don’t raise the money you need?

We will be able to move into our new space with a limited pieces of specific equipment but will have to put our plans for expansion and growth on hold.

What happens if you raise more than intended?

If we raise more than we have planned, we will be able to secure KRFC’s future in ways we have not been able to envision. All money raised beyond our goal will be invested in an endowment fund which will allow us to respond rapidly to operational contingencies. This outcome is our dream scenario.

Is my donation tax deductible?

You should always consult your tax preparer about how a donation will impact your personal tax obligations. However, when you contribute to this campaign you will receive a receipt with all of the information you need to confidently apply it to your charitable contributions.

Will you postpone the 2016 membership drives?

No. Membership Drives will take place in April and October of 2016. The funds raised during these drives are vital to our daily operations. Without our listener contributions we would be unable to meet our day-to-day operating needs.

Why not use the equipment you have?

Our current equipment is more than ten years old. It is still functional but limits our ability to do more on the airwaves. We have used this equipment beyond its predicted obsolescence. At this point, even with meticulous maintenance, it’s just a matter of time before we experience on-air failure.

What will KRFC be able to accomplish with this new space and new equipment?

Our broadcast signal will be stronger in our established geographic footprint. We will also be able to research a potential listening audience of 100,000 more people. Our studios will face the new plaza with floor to ceiling windows which will allow visitors to the area to watch live broadcasts including Live@Lunch as the performance is in process. It will allow emerging artists being incubated and mentored at the Music District to record in our flexible broadcast/recording studio.

Will KRFC be taking on debt to fund the projects outlined in the campaign?

Our goal is to avoid debt at all costs. We would like to be able to fund these projects with cash in hand. The Board of Directors will ultimately decide whether or not to take on debt to fund these projects at any point in time.

How was the list of improvements and purchases developed?

We engaged the services of a seasoned broadcast engineer to evaluate our existing facilities. He provided us with recommendations for baseline improvement to world class broadcasting improvements. Based on our desire to construct a world class broadcasting facility at our scale, he conducted a body of research to make recommendations about the equipment, constructions enhancements and investment required.

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