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Living Out Loud with Marjo Star

Living Out Loud is an inspirational talk show hosted by Radio Marjo, who interviews people from all walks of life who are living full-out and participating in their life passions. Her intentions for the show are two-fold. First is to create a sacred non-judgmental space for her honored guest to talk about their adventurous path. Secondly is for her listening audience to gain ground on their own paths by learning something more or new from her guests and show. She is best known for her use of music in a talk show setting to enhance the messages being offered. Living Out Loud may help one search their heart and find the ultimate “sparks” that motivates one to get off the fence. After all, giving birth to another one of life’s gifts can make the world a more harmonious place. Her hope is that it can be a light for you on your own life’s adventurous path.

I began doing radio many years after having a desire to enter this career. I believe one can re-create their life and its direction.I am a former consultant and personal-growth workshop leader for 10 plus different state prison environments. I worked with 30 inmates at a time in classroom type settings. I found out one of my best gifts is just “getting people started”.

Other positions I’ve held: Business Management, Consulting, Program Development, Marketing and Promotion, Sales Trainer, Public Speaking Program Director. Fields of Experience include: Addictions and Recovery,
Customer Relations, Education, Hospitality, Judicial Arbitration, Medical and State Corrections.

With my diverse positions in life combined with my current “No-Limits Life Strategies” mentality today, a talk radio show was born out of necessity to give back and serve my community. I am grateful and the honored guests I interview are the “light” in my broadcasts.


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