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Sunday at 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Third from the Sun is a world music show that dances through the cultures, bringing you the heart and pulse of the world. If you like to learn about the similarities that lie within diverse music, this show is for you!

Diane Montgomery

Diane began volunteering at KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins in April, 2003; one month after the station joined the airwaves. Since that time, Diane has also hosted “Around the Curve”, blending her many musical loves from various genres and eras. Much of the music on Diane’s programs is danceable, which makes sense as she is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, and high spirit!

Cecelia Granby

Cecelia has been with KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins since 2009. She loves spending time on the air, filling in for any genre she can from heavy metal to reggae and everything in between. Cecilia hosts her own World Music show “Tantra Mantra” Thursday evenings from 10pm to Midnight with Tantra Mantra.