Rerun Around Town: " Float Like a Buffalo/the Nightshades live from Avogadro’s Number " - KRFC 88.9 FM

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The Nightshades and Float Like A Buffalo will be joining forces for an awesome night of music! We can’t wait to see these worlds collide!

The Nightshades

Sumer Albright-Vocals
Lily Berryman-Bass
Avery Berryman- Drums
August Luc- Saxophone
Christian Nyzio- Guitar
Greg McKittrick- Keyboard

The Nightshades emergence in the Fort Collins Music scene has been similar to their music: smooth, driving, and precise. Five of the six met in Downtown Arterys Make More Music Battle, 3 of whom were part of the winning band. Since officially forming in April of 2018, theyve attracted the attention of many.

All six technically proficient players bring a unique musical taste to the group. The Nightshades blend the sounds of hard rock, metal, jazz, western, and reggae under a large funk rock umbrella. The group takes pride in creating an environment that urges people to shake their bodies. Putting strong intention on the art of composition, the band has given great attention and nuance to each song. Catch them while you can!

Float Like a Buffalo:

Float Like a Buffalo is a Denver-based 7-piece, 9-instrument, high-energy Funk Rock band. We love to get our crowds dancing with songs inspired by our home in Colorado, being on the road, and finding ourselves.
The band includes Cory Pearman (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Jason Clukies (bass guitar & backup vocals), Evan Crabdree (lead guitar), Phil Pleckham (drums & backup vocals), Garrett Achten (percussion), Luke Story (saxophone & trumpet), and Cory Beef Meier (trombone), and has become a local funk sensation over the past four years, playing shows at major Colorado venues like The Bluebird Theater, Gothic Theatre, Levitt Pavilion, Red Rocks, and Marquis Theater and taking the crown for Best Funk Band in Denver in Westwords 2019 Music Awards.