Every Friday from 12-1PM join KRFC for our flagship show Live@Lunch.

Part interview, part concert, this hour-long show helps local and national musicians reach the Fort Collins Community in a unique and fun way. 

Want your band to be part of Live@Lunch, check out the info below! 


Artist and Booking FAQ

Hallowed Oak performs on Live@Lunch KRFC 88.9.
Hallowed Oak performs on Live@Lunch.


What kind of music does Live@Lunch feature?

Live @ Lunch features a wide range of musical styles. Listen to 88.9fm to get a feel for who we are.

What is the “flow” of the show?

The host/volunteer introduces the artist/group and controls the flow of the show. Every artist/group needs at least 40 mins of quality original material to perform, the other 20 minutes of the show consists of short interview segments between songs. 1 or 2 CD tracks may be played, but the focus must stay on the live, in-studio performance. The exact mix of these elements depends on the artist/group and host.

What are the production facilities like?

The Green Studio is our dedicated live@lunch performance area. This 10×11 ft space is set up for full electric setups.  There is a 16-channel snake which leads to a mixer in the adjacent control room. The artists can set up their mixes for up to 1 hour before the show. If scheduled, the Live@Lunch Audio team will work closely with you to set up the studio for your instrument and tech needs. If we feel like we cannot represent your sound on air adequately, we may ask you to strip down your set to sound better for radio airplay. 

Where is KRFC and when do we need to be there?

Our address is 619 S. College #2 Fort Collins, CO 80524. Both groups and solo artists should plan on arriving at KRFC by 10:45 am with most soundchecks starting at 11:00am. As the audio and tech team are setting up mics and equipment, the Live@Lunch producer will go over station policies and FCC regulations as well as discuss the procedures and flow of the show. 

How Do I Know if I am Accepted?

Upon being accepted to play at Live@Lunch, you will be sent a confirmation email from our Music Director. This email will go over the timelines as well as redirect you to a Stage Plot and sound requirements form. After your confirmation email is sent, you will receive reminder emails and updates regarding the show as your performance date gets closer. We will also share with you all the necessary social media links and information to promote your performance. 

When can I make a repeat appearance?

Artists are asked to wait six months between performances.

Can We Get a Copy of Our Recording? 

Of course, you can! All of our Live@Lunch episodes will be available as a podcast within 1 day after the show is on air. You can find all pre-recorded shows at We can also send you a .wav format of the show for your personal use and promotion.